Putting together a Busy Bag for a wedding or Church Service

Putting together a Busy Bag for a wedding or Church Service

Ever worry about how you’re going to keep a little one busy during a wedding, funeral or church service? We’re helping you step by step to best equip your little one to keep themselves entertained and quiet when needed!

Find a small cloth bag that can hold items.

Choose toys and activities that don't make noise and can be kept together.

Include a few favourites as well as toys that will only be kept in Busy Bag for Church and other outings so they are more exciting and novel for your child.

Younger children may enjoy:

  • finger puppets
  • busy/quiet books
  • felt/story boards
  • cars
  • dolls
  • animals
  • books
  • small wooden puzzles
  • stuffies
  • magnetic toys
  • colouring books

Older children may enjoy:

  • drawing/colouring books
  • word searches or crosswords
  • books/novels/Bible
  • Rubix Cube or Puzzles
  • Activity Work Books
  • action figures
  • braiding activities
  • felt/story board
  • wooden beads
  • tic tac toe, etc.
  • squishy or sensory toys

Another great way to help keep children entertained is snacks!

Try to choose snacks that can be opened and enjoyed without too much noise. A great idea is having lose snacks in containers rather then pre bought packaging, even if they are bought snacks and you empty them into containers at home.

If your child is old enough, provide them with water and snacks that they can have independently so you can enjoy the service too!

Hope this eliminates some stress for you and helps you feel better prepared for your next outing with your kids!

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